Enjoy The Lowest Airfare Deals By Changing Your IP With A VPN

Enjoy The Lowest Airfare Deals By Changing Your IP With A VPN

Enjoy The Lowest Airfare Deals By Changing Your IP With A VPN

Book cheaper airfare with VPN



The above caption may sound strange and may possibly leave you in a confused state and perhaps you’re wondering how you can enjoy low airfare rates by just changing your IP. It’s quite a proven fact that airfare differs based on your location. You can now understand that your current location air travel rate may be higher than that other location and that means you’ll be paying so high price while people from the other location are paying less for the same route.



Location A: Price for a certain airfare is $400.

Location B: The price for the exact same airfare is $350

Your are in location A, but of course you want to enjoy the prices of location B, right? Who wouldn’t?


It’s possible to change the IP address of your PC or any internet compatible device, to an IP address of any location with low flight rates and you can easily pay as low as if you’re paying from that location while you’re in your present location. This can simply be done via the use of a VPN. Of course, PandaPow VPN is one of the best VPN’s that can deliver such services effectively. Read through to get full details of air travel fares and how can start enjoying extremely low airfare deals from your location.


Skyrocketing of airfare by airlines websites

Now, let’s take a look at what happens when you frequently visit a booking website to pay for your flight tickets. If you’re one that has often travel via air frequently and paying for your flight fare via their websites you’ll notice that airlines websites charge differently based on your location (tracked through your IP address). They simply do that by tracking the number of times you visit their website, the number of searches you’ve made on a particular flight or route and the location you are searching the airfare from. Depending on how often and more times a user searches for a particular flight and the busier a user’s city is the more there is the possibility that the website will rise up the airfare.



Why is it happening that way?

That is indeed the question virtually everyone that is familiar with how they operate asks. It’s certainly a call for concern but at the moment the rationale behind that is still not clear why airlines/air-travel websites and travel agencies actually resorted to using that method. Perhaps is a marketing strategy to lure prospective passengers to rush into booking when the person notices the price might be going higher or thereabout. Whatever the case may be, the good news here is that you can still pay for as low as you do not even expect with our VPN service.


As mentioned earlier, when you continue to visit this website in your quest to go through the flight rates for possible booking you will notice that the fares will continue to go high when you revisit the website after a day or two.


Now, in order to stop the increase in fares while you are searching for the best deals, you have to change your IP address to another different location entirely, with that, the system will detect you’re coming from another location. To do that, you need a VPN to enable you change your IP address. This is where you need PandaPow VPN to get things done easily and swiftly.


How it works:

As stated earlier, air travel websites track your IP address together with your browser cookies whenever you visit their website, this enables them to detect your present location in order to charge you base on the air deals in your present location.

But you can now bypass this by simply changing your IP address to another location with good airfare deals, with that you can escape paying so high if you’ve already visited the website for a number of times which may increase your flight rates following how the airlines websites operate. You don’t have to worry about where you might be taking the flight if you use another location to pay. You can still pay for your airfare from another location while you travel from your real location. That doesn’t hinder the processes.


PandaPow - A reliable VPN

To get started with changing your IP address with PandaPow VPN, here are the simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to our Pricing page and sign up for a PandaPow VPN account

Step 2: Use our Getting Started Guide to set up PandaPow on your device

Step 3: Connect to any of your preferred location with the best air deals you might be interested in.


After that, you can now simply make the payment at the low rates available in the location you’ve connected to. You can connect to any location you wish,  PandaPow has a variety of servers located in different countries. All you need do is to take your time and connect to different locations, and see which one has the best airfare prices.


Traveling on air has got much better with PandaPow VPN services. Enjoy the lowest airfare deals ever from your location while others may be paying high prices!