How to watch the NHL Playoffs from abroad with a VPN

How to watch the NHL Playoffs from abroad with a VPN

How to watch the NHL Playoffs from abroad with a VPN

Watch NHL Playoffs with VPN



Hello dear readers, users and potential users of PandaPow VPN services, recalled that a few days ago we posted an article here that talks about how to watch the 2017 NBA playoffs from abroad with a VPN and that’s exclusively PandaPow VPN. If you’re yet to read through the article you can simply go through our blog page. Today, we’re bringing you another series on how to watch the 2017 NHL playoffs from abroad with our VPN.


The National Hockey League (NHL) has always used a playoff tournament to determine its champion. This year 2017 Stanley Cup playoffs is scheduled to begin on April 12 through mid-June. Preparation for the Playoffs are gathering more momentum as the days for the kickoffs draws closer with the competing teams putting up arrangements in top gear.


No doubt fans are all getting ready to catch all the live excitements for this year NHL playoffs, as many people out there are getting set to watch all live actions of the games, PandPow is also keen on ensuring that you do not miss any of the live actions. This we have made possible through our VPN services. If in time past, you’re often confronted with uncertainties in watching the NHL live games, you can now say goodbye to that, with our VPN you now have full access to watch all live games. If you’ve never read any of our article pertaining streaming live matches with full access from previously restricted websites due to location, you’d be wondering how it works. Read further to get a better understanding!


They are a total of sixteen teams grouped based on Eastern Conference and Western Conference competing for this year NHL playoffs. Here is a breakdown of the teams:


Eastern Conference:


Metropolitan Division

Carolina Hurricanes

Columbus Blue Jackets

New Jersey Devils

New York Islanders

New York Rangers

Philadelphia Flyers

Pittsburgh Penguins

Washington Capitals


Atlantic Division

Boston Bruins

Buffalo Sabres

Detroit Red Wings

Florida Panthers

Montréal Canadiens

Ottawa Senators

Tampa Bay Lightning

Toronto Maple Leafs


Western Conference:


Central Division

Chicago Blackhawks

Colorado Avalanche

Dallas Stars

Minnesota Wild

Nashville Predators

St. Louis Blues

Winnipeg Jets


Pacific Division

Anaheim Ducks

Arizona Coyotes

Calgary Flames

Edmonton Oilers

Los Angeles Kings

San Jose Sharks

Vancouver Canucks


As you can see from the breakdown of the teams, it’s undoubtedly going to be an interesting competition. NBC Sports Network and other channels in the US will be broadcasting the NHL playoffs live. However, other channels may also be available in other locations but we are quite sure of NBC. In the course of the broadcasting, NBC also offers live streaming of the games on their website this is one of the reasons we recommend NBC to watch the games. And of course, if you have an account on, you can stream any game you want there, with PandaPow VPN. (Other broadcasters can also offer live streaming as well)


However the hitch has always been that if you’re not within the United State or other location that has the broadcasting rights you will certainly not have access to the websites let alone attempting to stream the games via the websites, this is exactly where you need a VPN to bypass the restriction from any location you find yourself in order to be a able to streams the games live. To do this, PandaPow VPN is available for you to connect to many of our servers out there and you’re good to go. Through PandaPow VPN you can simply connect to our server in the United States, and more locations world wide, once connected your location automatically changes to the US (or chosen country) when surfing the net and thus you can gain access to all restricted sites and enjoy all benefits.


PandaPow - A reliable VPN


To watch the NHL playoffs with PandaPow VPN here are the simple steps to follow:

Step 1: Go to our Pricing page and sign up for a PandaPow VPN account

Step 2: Use our Getting Started Guide to set up PandaPow on your device

Step 3: Connect to our server in the United States (or any location if you use your account).

Step 4: Choose any of the channels websites broadcasting the 2017 NHL playoffs. You can now freely access the websites and streams the games live at the stipulated dates and time.


We’d hope we’ve been able to increase your chances of watching the 2017 NHL playoffs. Are you getting set to watch the games? Perhaps you already have a favorite team you feel could lift the trophy? Your predictions are welcome here. Let’s know what you feel about the games, the best teams, player ratings and much more.


Get all live actions of the 2017 NHL playoffs via your smart phones or other internet compatible device at your convenience; it’s extremely fast and easy with PandaPow VPN.