Stream the FA Cup Final with PandaPow VPN

Stream the FA Cup Final with PandaPow VPN

Stream the FA Cup Final with PandaPow VPN

How to Stream the FA Cup Final with PandaPow VPN


The FA Cuр, knоwn оffісіаllу аѕ Thе Fооtbаll Aѕѕосіаtіоn Chаllеngе Cup, іѕ аn аnnuаl knockout association football соmреtіtіоn іn mеn’ѕ dоmеѕtіс Englіѕh fооtbаll. First рlауеd durіng thе 1871–72 season, it іѕ thе oldest аѕѕосіаtіоn football competition іn the wоrld.


The 2017 FA Cup has since commenced with the finals now expected to come up on the 27th May 2017 at the Wembley Stadium in London. This fascinating battle is going to be between Chelsea and Arsenal. Arsenal advanced to the finals of the FA cup after beating Manchester City 2:1 after extra time.


Like most other football competitions, it’s certain that a lot of football fans are getting set to watch this year’s final. A vast number of fans will purchase FA Cup final tickets and watch the match live in the stadium; others will have to watch the FA cup final online through official broadcasters. However, as a result of geo-restrictions on such broadcasters, a lot of fans located outside the regions where these broadcasters are located won’t have access to the websites where the FA cup finals will be streamed live. That means streaming of the FA cup finals online will only be available for those located in same regions with broadcasters, else you won’t be able to stream the match online.


Date and Time – May 27 (17:30 UK Time)

The 2017 FA Cup Final will be played on 27th May 2017 – 17:30 UK time. Not sure what time that is where you are? You can use this easy to use Time Zone Converter to calculate what time the match will be played in your location.


Does that dash your hope of watching the FA cup finals online from your location? That shouldn’t really be a problem, you can still watch the FA cup finals from this same websites through the use of a VPN, of course, PandaPow VPN. But before we go into discussing the possibility of watching the FA cup final with a VPN, let’s take a look at the broadcasters for this year’s FA cup final:




 Germany  Eurosport
  Australia ESPN
 United States   FOX Sports 1
 Canada   Sportsnet
 UK  Sport & BBC
 France  beIN Sports


Now, if you’re currently located in any of the regions as at when the FA cup finals will be played, you can simply stream the match online freely from the website of the broadcaster in such region, but once you’re not in any of the regions listed above, your ability to access the websites of this broadcasters is automatically restricted following the IP address of the location you’re accessing such website from. The only solution here is to access such websites with a VPN in order to gain unrestricted access to the website. This brings us to how to watch the FA cup finals with a VPN. How can this be possible? You may ask:


Using a VPN to watch the 2017 FA cup finals

Basically, the problem with streaming these channels as earlier mentioned is due to the fact that they are geo-blocked outside their region. That is, you are not allowed to watch them online from abroad. The geo-restricted channel is able to detect your location through your IP address. That, however, means that you could unblock a particular channel if you can change your IP address to one that corresponds to that channel’s region. This can only be made possible with a VPN. With a VPN, you are able to switch your IP address, shield your online location, and thus unblock the websites to stream the FA cup finals online freely.


In order to do this, you need the best VPN that can be stable throughout the period of watching the game and beyond. PandaPow VPN is undoubtedly the best VPN that can help you achieve this aim. To sign up for a PandaPow VPN, here are the simple steps to follow:

PandaPow - A reliable VPN

Step 1: Go to our Pricing page and sign up for a PandaPow VPN account

Step 2: Use our Getting Started Guide to set up PandaPow on your device

Step 3: Connect to our server in your preferred location but must be a location where one of the broadcasters (as listed above) is located.

Step 4: Choose any of the broadcasters of the 2017 FA cup finals as listed above. You can now freely access the websites and streams the games live at the given date and time.

Stream the FA Cup Final with a VPN


The 2017 FA cup finals will no doubt be an exciting game to watch. With the renewed rivalry coming up again between Chelsea and Arsenal with both teams willing to lift a trophy, one could hardly predict the favorite team to lift the trophy. Arsenal are hungry to at least lift a trophy for the season while Chelsea are looking at doubling both the premier league and the FA cup. Indeed a tough and interesting game to watch! Who will lift the trophy is the big question here. We’d love to get your predictions about the game in the comments.


Enjoy watching the 2017 FA cup finals with PandaPow VPN!