Watch the Champions League final with VPN


It’s the champions! The last line in the UEFA champions league anthem, a song that heralds the beginning of one of the planet’s finest sporting event. On the pitch heroes are created, myths busted and the intensity of the human excellence on display.


It is the UEFA champions league, a competition for Europe’s elite clubs. The largest showpiece in the world of sports… well only behind the Olympics and FIFA World cup. The competition was started in 1955 and was known then as European cup, however in 1992 it was replaced with the competition we love today – ‘The UEFA Champions League’.


A total of 79 clubs compete in the annual competition however only 32 advance to the group stage with the top European football countries producing four teams each – England, Spain, and Italy.


The final match of the competition is usually rotated between different European cities. The 2017 finals will be played in the Welsh capital city of Cardiff, this is the first time the competition will be held in the city however the third time it will be hosted in the United Kingdom.


The most successful club side in the competition is Real Madrid with 11 trophies and they’re on course to winning again in the 2017 tournament.

Date and time – June 3rd 20:45 CET

The final takes place at National Stadium of Wales on Saturday 3 June, kick-off 20:45 CET between Juventus and Real Madrid. You can use this easy to use Time Zone Converter to calculate what time the match will be played in your location.


The 2017 final excitement is rising to a crescendo; will Real Madrid be the first club to defend their title successfully? Will Juventus end the heart ache of losing to Barcelona two years ago? The final match is going to decide.

This sounds quite interesting right? Of course it’s going to be an exciting game to watch and I’m sure you wouldn’t want to miss out.. Now, before going into how to watch the game with a VPN, let’s take a look at the channels that will be broadcasting this very important match.


List of Websites Streaming the 2017 Champions League Finals

There are several TV channels with broadcasting rights to the event. They will broadcast to their audience both online and offline. However, they do restrict viewers from certain locations. If you are in the United States or Europe, it is easy to watch these matches. However outside these locations you will need to bypass their geo-blocking system to view the match; this is where you need a VPN to be able to bypass the restrictions and watch the match live from any location you find yourself. Below are two channels in Europe and USA with broadcasting rights to the event:


USA  FOX Sports


The hitch, as you probably know is that these channels are located where you can’t watch the match if you are outside the United Kingdom or United States. How do you gain access to these sites? You can’t imagine yourself missing out on watching the live match right?

Don’t worry we have got you covered. We can get you to watch the matches no matter where you may be on this planet. This is made possible via the use of a VPN. How do I use a VPN to watch the champions’ league final match live? You may ask:


PandaPow - A reliable VPN

How to watch the 2017 UEFA champions league match from any location with a VPN

As you probably know, a VPN is a network of servers located in different parts of the world, this makes it easy to connect and share data. PandaPow has got several severs located in many parts of the world. With our VPN servers you can access whatever site you want on the net with ease.

To get started, you just need to sign up for a PandaPow VPN account. Here are the simple steps to get started:

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Step 3: Connect to our server in your preferred location but must be a location where one of the broadcasters (as listed above) is located.

Step 4: Choose any of the broadcasters of the 2017 UEFA champions league finals as listed above. You can now freely access the websites and streams the game live at the given date and time. Enjoy live streaming without restrictions.


There’s simply no reason to miss out on the action going down in the UEFA champions league! With PandaPow VPN, you can watch live matches streams from anywhere in the world.


Back to the match, what is your prediction? Do you think Real Madrid has what it takes to defend their title, or do you see Juventus overcoming Real Madrid in the finals?


We’d love to hear from you; what’s your prediction, who will be crowned the champions of Europe come June 3rd? Your comments, predictions, player ratings as well as general analysis are all welcome!

Enjoy watching the champions league finals with PandaPow VPN – we’ve got you covered at all times!