Tennis: Watch the French Open with PandaPow VPN

Tennis: Watch the French Open with PandaPow VPN

Tennis: Watch the French Open with PandaPow VPN

Watch French Open 2017 with VPN

How to watch the French Open with a VPN

Are you ready people for one of the greatest sporting events on the planet! The French Open also known as Roland Garros is one of the major and glamorous Grand Slam held annually in the beautiful city of Paris. Starting from the 22th of May to 11th June 2017, the world of tennis will hold its breath as the best tennis players compete among themselves.


Several super stars will be taking the center stage to do battle – Raphael Nadal, Djokovich, Roger Federer, Wawrinka, Nick Kyrgios, Milos Raonic, Andy Murray, and host of others will all be in action once again.


The Roland Garros clay court is notorious for been particularly hard to conquer. Several athletes find it difficult performing at their optimal here. Many have fumbled, only a few emerge unscathed with sprinkles of surprise winners – the likes of Stan Wawrinka who won 2015 tournament.


The excitement is gradually building up; many television stations will air the tournament both on their online and offline channels. If you’re in Europe and America it is easy to watch these matches. But, what happens when you’re located outside those areas?


As a tennis enthusiast you can’t imagine missing out on any of the matches. But what are you going to do about it? How do you access the streaming if all the websites has geographic restrictions that prevent you from viewing the tournament online?


If you find yourself in such situation, you don’t really have to worry. We have been working round the clock to ensure you are part of this tournament no matter where you may be on the planet as long as you have internet connection. With PandaPow VPN be rest assured that you can access any of the restricted online streaming sites easily and have the same experience as someone in the United States or Europe. Before going into details on how you can use PandaPow VPN to stream the French Open live online, let’s take a look at some of the channels with the broadcasting rights for the French Open.


These are some the channels that have exclusive rights to air all the French Open matches both through their online channels and offline, use your favorite to stream the French Open:


Tennis Channel – United States Paid Subscription Required
 NBC Sports – United States  Paid Subscription Required
 ESPN  – United States  Paid Subscription Required
 Euro Sports – Europe  Paid Subscription Required
 Star Sports – India  Paid Subscription Required
 XSports – UK  Free to use
 iTV – UK  Free to use
 France TV – France  Free to use


Watch Roland Garros with VPN


How To Watch The 2017 French Open Online From Any Location

Just as we said earlier, these channels stream live tennis matches, however it is restricted to only specific locations. To be able to watch your favorite stars in action, you need to find a way to bye-pass their geo-blocking system.


You will therefore need a VPN to be able to unlock these websites. VPN is a network of servers located in different regions of the world. This means when you connect to a server that is located say in the US, you automatically can use the internet as if you’re located in there.


One benefit of the VPN is that, once you connect to a server in a particular location, it automatically unlocks all sites that have restrictions outside their area. This is what PandaPow VPN is going to offer you once you subscribe to any of our package.


Our virtual private network and servers are located at different strategic part of the world, enabling us to provide you a secure connection to any region. You are able to connect securely to our network which allows you to watch live streaming of the tournament matches easily.


PandaPow - A reliable VPN


Step by Step Guide To Using PandaPow VPN to Watch French Open 2017

To be able to use our VPN, follow these steps to setup your account:

Step 1: Go to our Pricing page and sign up for a PandaPow VPN account

Step 2: Use our Getting Started Guide to set up PandaPow on your device

Step 3: Connect to our server in your preferred location but must be a location where one of the broadcasters (as listed above) is located.


Navigate to the live streaming site you desire and start watching the French Open Tennis Tournament live.


Using PandaPow VPN is super easy, secure and convenient. Be assured that you are getting a fast, reliable and secure internet connection. No matter where you are located, don’t be left out and don’t miss your favorite shows because of geographic restrictions.


Hurry now and signup for your PandaPow VPN account and get ready for the show of a life time. Don’t be left out.

Let the game begin! PandaPow has got you covered at all times! Feel free to predict the winners of the tournament in the comment section!