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Why become a PandaPow Affiliate?


 High Commissions: Even on recurring sales.

 Dedicated Account Manager: Need help getting started? No problem. We will help you in any way we can.

 High Conversions: Our trusted brand & effective promo material means the traffic you send to PandaPow will convert!

 Promotional material: Banners, images and promotional material are all available to make your job as an PandaPow affiliate as easy as possible.



Common Questions & Answers

What do I need in order to become a PandaPow Affiliate?

All you need is a website. Preferably a VPN related website.

Do you have banners I can use on my website

Yes, we have banners in different sizes available. 
You will find them on this page.

How many websites can I have with one affiliate account?

The sky is the limit. You can have multiple websites for one affiliate account.

How do you know which customers are mine?

All you need to do is to put a special link from your website to ours, anyone who clicks on your link will be recorded as your visitor and potential customer. The link will be available in your affiliate account.

How much can a PandaPow Affiliate earn?

There is no limit for how much you can earn, the more customers you send our way, the more you will earn. For more exact details, please contact us.

How can I track my sales & referral stats?

This information will be shown in your affiliate account where you can easily check your daily or monthly earnings and more.

How do I get paid?

Payout is done to the Affiliate's PayPal account. Fees are paid by PandaPow. Commission is only paid for sales that have been completed and not reversed or refunded at the time of the payout.

Is there something I can't do?

Spam of any kind and unsolicited email promotions are not allowed. By doing so, you will forfeit your payouts and your affiliate account will be terminated.

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  • Your email (preferably the same one as your PandaPow account, if you have one)
  • The website(s) where you want to promote PandaPow
  • Your PayPal email address


Please send the above information in an email to and then we will set up your account and get back to you.