PandaPow for Android


Download the PandaPow Classic VPN app for Android 4 or newer.


Android 4.0 and later

Current version: 1.0.1



Download the PandaPow app from our website:

Get PandaPow for Android 4

Scan for download from our site

Download mirrors

Should there be any problem with the normal download link please try one of the following instead;

Los Angeles

London, UK



After download completed, click the download file in your status drawer to install the app. You may have to enable “Unknown Sources” in your Android Settings, under Security.


Download the PandaPow app from Google Play

If you have access to the Google Play store, you can also install PandaPow from there. It’s the exact same app:

Get PandaPow from Google Play

Scan for PandaPow on Google Play

For further instructions, please see here:

How to use PandaPow on Android


Android 3.0 and earlier

IMPORTANT: The below app is ONLY for Android version 3.0 and earlier. If you’re unsure, try the installing the app for Android 4 first. If it works, then you have Android 4, so you must use that app. Do NOT install this app if you have Android 4 or later.

To download the Android app, normally all you need to do is click this download link from your Android device. This should open the Android Market on the appropriate download page.

If you click it on your phone and it still doesn’t work, please try the following direct links:

If you don’t have Android Market, or for any other reason can’t find PandaPow there, you can download from our site instead. Use the following link:

Download from this site

Note that if you don’t have Android Market, you must install the app and download updates manually. Updates are announced via our Twitter and Facebook pages.

If you’re viewing this page on a computer, then you can use the Barcode Scanner on your phone to scan below code to get to the Android Market page:

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