Known Issues and Feature requests for PandaPow on Android


This page lists known issues and requested features. If you have something to add, please let us know. ETA estimates below are not exact, they mainly indicate a priority order.

NOTE: Some of these are old and are already fixed.


Known Issues

Won’t connect/reconnect

The app will make a reasonable effort to connect/reconnect the VPN. If this fails, however, the app will stop trying.


The app should keep trying, and try changing servers or other parameters automatically, until it connects or is turned off by the user.

ETA for fix: 2015


The “Test connection” sometimes won’t work

The “Test Connection” button sometimes just opens a dialog, but nothing happens.

Workaround: Close the dialog and try again. If the problem continues, there’s likely a connection issue, so best to Bump the server.

ETA for fix: 2015


Requested Features


Widget showing status, and on and off button.

ETA: 2016


Exclude LAN from the VPN

Currently all network traffic, including local network traffic, will be directed via the VPN. It is desirable to exclude local network traffic from the VPN.

ETA: 2015