PandaPow and Heartbleed

PandaPow and Heartbleed

As most of you are aware of, a major security flaw was recently found in a well known and well used security software called OpenSSL. This flaw made it possible for a “hacker” to retrieve potentially sensitive data from a server using certain versions of OpenSSL.



As soon as we heard about this we updated all our servers to use a new and safe version of OpenSSL. Currently we have no known vulnerabilities on either our website or any of our VPN servers.


What to do

This security vulnerability would have made it possible for a hacker to retrieve usernames and passwords to both our website and to our VPN servers. We have no way of knowing if this really has happened, though. To be safe, it is recommended to change the passwords. By doing so, the old and potentially leaked passwords will be useless.


To change the website password, click the following link and enter your email address:

Website Password Reset


You will then receive an email with a link that lets you reset your password.


To change the VPN passwords, please follow instructions here:

VPN Password Reset


If you use PandaPow WiFi, you don’t need to change any VPN password. The original WiFi password has potentially leaked, though. So if you haven’t done so already, it is recommended to change the WiFi password.


This was originally posted on 2014-04-11