PandaPow WiFi Update

PandaPow WiFi Update


In some parts of the world, Internet can get pretty congested at times. This often has an impact on the speed via your VPN connection. To help work around such issues for PandaPow WiFi users, we’re updating the PandaPow WiFi software with some new features.


NOTE: this is still in BETA phase, so to get the new update you’ll have to follow below steps.


Getting the new Update

  1. Go to: the About section in the PandaPow WiFi interface.
  2. Under Update settings, for Update level, select Beta updates, and click OK.
  3. Click “Check Now!” then, “Download Now!”, then “Apply Now”
  4. Make sure the version says 0.2.24 or higher.


Launching the new Update

Now you can launch the new update as follows:

  1. Go to the Overview of PandaPow WiFi.
  2. Click the Launch button under New Interface


Run Speed Test

If you notice that your speed via the VPN is not good, you can use the integrated speed test to find a better server. Do as follows:

  1. Disconnect the VPN.
  2. Click the button that says Run Speed Test (this button will only appear once you’ve disconnected the VPN).

This opens a new window and runs a speed test on a number of servers of the selected country. You can run the test multiple times, and select different countries to test.

Once the speed test is complete, you can click on one of the servers in the result list and choose Connect. Note that the results are saved, so you can close the speed test window without worry.


Test Connection Speed

Note that the speed test doesn’t measure the speed via the VPN, so it’s not always accurate. Once you’re connected to the VPN you can test the actual speed via the VPN using the Test Connection button (this button only appears when you’re connected to the VPN).


Bumping Servers

If the connection speed is still poor, you can try “Bumping” the server. Click on the + button to expand the connection controls, then you can either select a different server from the drop down list (which consists of the top 10 servers from the speed test), or click the Bump button, to bump the current server of the server list and select the next best one.

If you’re having any questions, or comments, don’t hesitate to let us know.


This was originally posted on 2014-05-12