Win 2 years of FREE PandaPow VPN

Win 2 years of FREE PandaPow VPN

Win 2 years of FREE PandaPow VPN

PandaPow Facebook Contest

Do you want a chance to win 2 years of FREE PandaPow VPN time? Now you can.

We at PandaPow want to thank all of our users, and give you all a chance to get some free VPN time, by doing a few things that should only take a couple of minutes.

We are holding a small contest, and here are the prizes:


  • 1st place: 2 Years of FREE VPN time.
  • 2nd place: 1 Year of FREE VPN time.
  • For EVERYONE else that participates, you ALL will get: 1 month of FREE VPN time.Here is how to join the contest:Step 1:Like PandaPow on Facebook (it’s also good if you choose to receive all of our updates, so that you won’t miss anything important)


Win Free VPN

  • Step 2:Share our Facebook page. Here is how:
  • Win Free VPN
  • Click on the dots as shown in the picture above, and then click ”Share”.

    Make sure write something nice about PandaPow in order to have a bigger chance to win the first or second prize, and it’s also good if you ask your friends to like our Facebook page to get more information about us.

    IMPORTANT: Set your shared post to “Public” so we are able to see it!

    Win Free VPN

  • Step 3:After you have done step 1 and 2, send us a message on Facebook with your PandaPow account number, (pp12345 for example).

    If you don’t know what your PandaPow account number is, you can find it in your client area.


    We at PandaPow will announce the winners in early 2016, but remember that EVERYONE that participates will get AT LEAST 1 month for free added to their account, we will add that month right away to your account, and the winners will get 23 or 11 more months added later on.

    Click here to check the status of the contest.


This was originally posted on 2015-11-16