Top 5 Best Things about PandaPow WiFi

Top 5 Best Things about PandaPow WiFi

Top 5 Best Things about PandaPow WiFi

PandaPow WiFi Speed Test

(Not necessarily in order).

Are you wondering why you should buy our PandaPow WiFi product? What it does? and how you can benefit from owning one?


What is PandaPow WiFi?


It’s a PandaPow VPN service that includes a portable WiFi device with a built-in VPN connection. Connect any wireless device to PandaPow WiFi and it will automatically be connected to PandaPow VPN.


PandaPow WiFi Device


Here are our top 5 uses of PandaPow WiFi:

5. Automatically Encrypt your connection

With PandaPow WiFi, as soon as you connect the VPN, your whole network will be encrypted, which means that you can surf the web with a peace of mind, everything you do on the Internet will be encrypted, and you won’t leave any trace behind.

PandaPow WiFi Encryption


4. Easy Setup & Awesome built in features

The PandaPow WiFi was built to be easy to use. Getting all your devices connected to VPN has never been easier.

PandaPow WiFi Easy Setup

The software built in to PandaPow WiFi is really easy to use, you don’t need to be tech savvy in order to understand how it works, and on top of that, we will provide a clear user manual with pictures that explains everything.


  • Filter feature

The filter feature in PandaPow WiFi allows you to Exclude or Include traffic through the VPN connection. For example, the excluded traffic will bypass the VPN and go through the “normal” Internet connection instead.Filter 1


More information about the feature can be found here.


  • Built in speed test

To easily find a server that works well from your connection and location, we have a built in speed test which is super easy to use. Simply click the “Test” button and let the speed test run, and then you can connect to a server from the speed test right there.PandaPow Speed test



3. Use PandaPow WiFi on the go.

PandaPow WiFi can fit in your pocket, so it’s very convenient to bring it along if you go on a trip or if you just head over to your favourite café or other hotspot.

PandaPow WiFi Battery

PandaPow WiFi has a removable battery, and with the battery plugged in, a single charge will last 7-8 hours before you need to charge it again.

Here is how to use PandaPow WiFi at a hotspot: Simply open the PandaPow WiFi admin in a browser, and select a Wireless connection on it’s internet page. If the hotspot requires an extra code or password to access the internet, you simply open any page in your browser, and you will be asked to login.


2. Connect unlimited devices

PandaPow WiFi lets you connect ALL your WiFi-enabled devices to it. Which makes it SUPER EASY to get VPN on all your devices, all you need to is connect them to the PandaPow WiFi network.

No more advanced setups or needing to use different apps for every device!


1. Use VPN on VPN-less devices such as Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Xbox and Playstation.

Have you ever wanted to hook up your Xbox or similar device to VPN, so you can watch your favourite streaming site from abroad?

PandaPow WiFi Compatibility


Bonus: Did you know that we have a special promotion just for PandaPow WiFi?

If you order it now, you will get 3 extra months of VPN time for free! NOTE: This is a limited offer.


PandaPow WiFi Special Offer


  • Price: 99 USD
  • 15 months PandaPow VPN. Normally you only get 12 months for this price. Note, PandaPow WiFi a separate VPN subscription, that only works with your PandaPow WiFi device.
  • The PandaPow WiFi device, it’s yours, free of charge. The device itself is a complete, portable WiFi router that can be used also without VPN. Good for sharing an internet connection, 3G/4G connection, or extending a WiFi signal.
  • Unlimited number of devices can connect at the same time.
  • Stock is limited. First come, first served.


This was originally posted on 2016-04-29