FAQ for iPhone, iPad, iPod (iOS)

This page contains info how to help us diagnose problems on iOS devices. That is: iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch.

Note: This is for the old setup for iOS, for a current FAQ for our iOS App, please see here.


Q: I’m unable to connect. What do I do?

Following are things that might be causing the problem, and how to solve them.

  • Your account has expired. Check your account status in the client area
  • The iOS network settings needs resetting. Go to Settings – General – Reset and do Reset Network Settings
  • If you’re connected via WiFi, your wifi router might disallow “VPN Pass-through”.
  • If you’re connected via WiFi, try restarting your WiFi router and/or modem.
  • There may be a conflict with the mobile data. Try disabling mobile data by removing any SIM card and connect via WiFi.
  • The PandaPow configuration profile may need to be updated. Follow the setup guide to install the profile again. Make sure you delete the existing profile first (General – Settings – Profile – PandaPow – Remove).


Sometimes the problem may be more complicated. To allow us to investigate further, please send us the console log, as well as  your IP address and we will try to find the cause of, and solution to, the problem.