PandaPow iOS App FAQ

PandaPow is an easy to use VPN service that lets you browse the Internet securely, anonymously, and without restriction. For more general questions about PandaPow VPN, please refer to our main FAQ:
Simply search for PandaPow in the App Store, make sure you download the appropriate version for your device, there are possibly several ones.
The app is free to download, but you'll need to purchase a subscription to use it.
Yes, PandaPow offers very strong encryption. So you're safe. The encryption applies to all internet traffic that you send and receive, including emails, chat messages, et c.
Download the iOS app and sign in with the username/password you received when signing up to the PandaPow VPN service. Then you just turn the VPN on, and once connected you just use the internet as usual, but with the extra freedom and protection from the VPN.
PandaPow has servers all over the USA, as well as in Europe and Asia. Which one is the best to connect to depends both on where you are, and where you want to go, i.e. what sites you want to access. If you're just out to secure your email or access some blocked sites, then you might want to pick a server location close to your actual location. If you're looking to stream video or music from some specific site, you probably need to select a server in the same country as that site.
If you've found a bug or find that some important feature that is missing, don't hesitate to report it to is. You can also check our list of known issues and missing features. To report a new issue or bug, simply send us an email at:
You'll need to enter the username and password sent to you by us when you signed up.
If you've successfully connected before, but it's not connecting anymore, try first to restart your network. Do that by enabling airplane mode on your device, then disabling it. If the problem persists, you can also try restarting your phone. If this is the first time you're connecting on this network, try changing VPN server, or VPN country. One way to change server is to click the Bump button. This will switch to a new server address. You can also select a new server in the VPN Settings. Open the VPN settings by clicking the settings button with , or select VPN from the settings menu. Note: After changing any setting, you must click the Apply button for the changes take affect. If the problem persists, select Help from the menu, then Submit Log and we'll take a look and get back to you.
Using a VPN may affect speed and latency of your internet connection. The PandaPow app always tries to select a server that is close to you, in the country of your choice. To improve speed further, you can try to Select Country to one that is closer to your actual location. You can also try the integrated speed test to help you find a better connection for your particular location. To run the speed test, turn the VPN off and click the Test button. Beware: the speed test might use a lot of data to test speed. If you're on a mobile connection with limited data plan, you should probably think twice before running the test. The speed test will test download speed for a selection of servers. If you want to test more servers, click Run again. Once finish, click the top server in the test results and select Connect. NOTE: The speed test isn't testing the speed of the VPN connection, so it might not always be accurate. If the top server is still not fast, try the second best, et c.