FAQ for PandaPow on Windows

Following are some issues you may run into on Windows, and how to solve them.


FAQ for PandaPow on Windows

If you're new to PandaPow, or just want a refresher, please see the Getting started guide

Following are general guidelines that should help you solve problems you may bump into.

  1. Please make sure you've updated recently. If you have been using PandaPow a while, chances are you are using an old version of the PandaPow application, and the problem you've encountered has already been solved.
  2. Please check announcements. Login to the client-area and see if there are any announcements, in the right column, that might explain the problem. If so there should also be info and workarounds available.

If you need quick help simply send us the installer output. Right click on the text in the installer window and select "copy details to clipboard". Then paste this into an email and send to us.

Following are some things you may bump into, and how to resolve them.

Installation requires Administrator privileges 
On Windows Vista and 7, right click on the installer and select "Run as administrator". On Windows XP, right click and select "Run as" then choose the Administrator user.

TUN/TAP driver has not passed Windows logo testing 
On Windows XP you may get a warning/error that the software "has not passed Windows logo testing". You must select "Continue anyway". See here for more details.

This may happen after updating PandaPow to a newer version. To fix PP ERROR 222 please follow the instructions here:

How to remove PandaPow Settings

Following are some things you may bump into, and how to resolve them.

Remove PandaPow Settings 
Symptom: When launching PandaPow an error message appears saying: "Program settings are corrupt...". To fix this, you need to remove the settings folder.

To remove the settings folder please see here

If you need a quick help, simply send us your connection details. Click the PandaPow icon in the system tray and select "Details..." from the menu. In the Details window, click "Show details" then "Copy details". Send us the details by pasting them into an email to us.

The TAP adapter is not properly installed/has stopped working 
Symptom: The Details ends with a Log message about "PUSH_REQUEST" immediately followed by the Log message "Stopping the connection" and a Debug message "Connection closed by the server".

To solve the issue, please re-install the TAP adapter manually as described here

The TAP interface fails to come up 
Symptom: The details contain several messages about: "Waiting for TUN/TAP interface". Finally the connection stops.

Solution: See here

UDP connections are blocked by router/firewall/ISP 

Symptom: "Connection details" contain several "TLS handshake failed" messages.
Solution 1: Use TCP instead. From the PandaPow menu choose Settings. Select the Advanced tab and check the "Use TCP" option.

Solution 2: Change link-mtu. Click here for more details.

The connection may be too slow or filtered. 
Symptom: "Connection details" contain several "TLS handshake failed" messages.

Solution: Increase the handshake window by doing:
  • right-click PandaPow tray icon, select Settings.
  • Last in the settings add: hand-window 240

If you have this problem, and the it won't be resolved, please let us know. Please also let us know where you are, so we can suggest an appropriate work-around.

The computer needs rebooting 

If none of the above descriptions fit the symptoms of your connection problems, chances are that a simple restart of the computer will fix it.

Workaround: Try PPTP instead 
If you're still unable to connect after the above has been tried, there's also a fallback solution: use the built-in windows PPTP client. See here for more details

If it's the first time you use a VPN, chances are that certain blocked sites don't start working straight away. Often you can just wait a few minutes, or restart your computer to get it working.

If that doesn't help, the problem may be one of the following:

If you don't have time to do trouble shooting on your own, then please follow the instructions for Advanced diagnosis to send us relevant info. We can then provide you with the proper solution.

IPv6 problem 

Your internet connection may be bypassing the VPN by using IPv6. If so you need to disable IPv6.

Route configuration problem 
It may be that PandaPow failed to configure the routing on your computer.
This may happen on Windows XP, if you are running PandaPow as a restricted user. The solution is to run PandaPow as an administrator.

Incorrect hosts file 
If the hosts file contains bad or outdated information it may cause sites to be inaccessible. To solve this you need to edit the hosts file

Change TAP interface metric on Windows 10 
If you run Windows 10 and you have problems accessing some blocked websites please set TAP interface metric on Windows 10

Workaround: Try PPTP or L2TP instead 

If you're still unable to connect after the above has been tried, there's also a fallback solution: use windows built-in VPN clients. See here for more details