How PandaPow Works – It’s Magic

Restricted Internet

PandaPow is an intuitive one-click VPN application that let’s you browse the web safely, anonymously and without restrictions.


Pandapow gives you the freedom to:

  • Browse anonymously – ensure your privacy online by hiding your real IP address.
  • Prevent eaves dropping – With PandaPow all traffic is encrypted so no one can view your passwords and private data.


A normal internet connection sends your data un encrypted via local networks onto the Internet.restricted connection


This means your data can be intercepted by unwanted snoopers. It also means all your online activities are stamped with your own IP address, assigned to you by your ISP.


When you connect to Pandapow all internet traffic is encrypted and passes through Pandapow’s secure VPN servers.

VPN connection


This means:

  • No-one is able to snoop on your Internet traffic.
  • No-one is able to track your online activities back to your IP address. Your activity will be stamped with an anonymous IP address from PandaPow.


PandaPow is very easy to use. Simply download the software and choose from one of our subscription plans. You can immediately start enjoying anonymous, unrestricted web browsing. Try it now!