PandaPow CyanogenMod Workaround

With some Android ROMs, most notably CyanogenMod, you may find that PandaPow doesn’t connect. If you have a CM ROM (some Archos devices seem to have this out of the box) and you are unable to connect, chances are that you’ll see the following error message in your “log details”. /data/data/misc/vpn/.states (No such file or directory)

(To see your log details, you can tap “Help” then “Send” in the PandaPow app).

To fix the problem, i.e. create the missing file, follow these instructions:


Step 1. Connect Manually

Connect PandaPow manually via the Android VPN Settings. To do this, please follow the instructions here.


Step 2

If you were able to connect sucessfully in step 1, open the PandaPow app again. Go to Settings and un-check “Connect Manually”.


Step 3

Go to back to PandaPow’s start screen and tap Connect. This should now work (you may need to disconnect first).