Install PandaPow Certificate on Android

To use L2TP/IPSec on Android 2.3 you need to install a certificate on your device.


To install the certificate, you’ll need to enter a password to export the certificate:

Export password: PandaC3RT


To store the certificate on your device, you may need to enter the password to your credential storage. This is a password you choose yourself. If you have never used the credential storage before, you will be asked to enter a new password.


In order for the certificate to be found by the PandaPow application, you must change the name of the certificate to: PandaPow 

To download the certificate, please click this link:


Download certificate


In order to store the certificate on your phone, you may also need to set a password of the credential storage. This is a password that you must set and remember yourself. If you forgot this password you will need to clear the credential storage, in Settings > Location and Security > Clears storage.