This describes how to use the 3rd party Android application “Feat VPN” to connect to PandaPow’s OpenVPN servers.

The application is not free, but works also on non-rooted devices prior to Android 4.0.


Step 1: Install the Feat VPN application

Feat VPN for Android 3.x and earlier can be downloaded from Google Play

There’s a restricted free version and a paid version. The restricted version allows up to 1 hour usage a day.

For Android 4.0 and later there’s a free unrestricted beta version available on the application’s home site:


Step 2: Download PandaPow OpenVPN Configuarations

Click here to select server and download config.

If you haven’t done so already, you will need to login to your client-account first.

The config can be downloaded to your device directly, or to your computer and send as an attachment to your device.


Step 3: Load the PandaPow config in Feat VPN

First time you start the Feat VPN app, you need to run a test setup.

Then you can add a “tunnel” by clicking the button that says Tunnels, then Add.

Give the tunnel a name, check the option that says “Store Credentials” (unless you want to fill in the password every time you connect). Then under “Configuration” tap the Load button to load the PandaPow configuration downloaded in step 2.


Step 4: Connect

To connect, tap the Tunnels button then tap one of the configurations you created. The first time you connect it, you’ll be asked for the username and password.

See the client-area for your account(s) username and password.