Configure gateway on Android 4

When sharing PandaPow from a PC, with an Android 4.x (ICS) device, you’ll need to configure a static IP Address. This is done as follows:


  1. Enter Android Settings (it’s an app called Settings usually found on the home screen, if not, in the app folder.
  2. Under Wireless & Networks tap Wifi
  3. Long press the wifi that you are connected to and select Modify network
  4. Scroll down and check Show advanced options
  5. Under IP settings choose Static


Your IP Address should already have been given by your router, so you should only need to fill in the following:


Gateway: IP address of the PC sharing the PandaPow connection
Network prefix length: 24
DNS 1:
DNS 2:


Now tap Save, and it’s done!

This configuration will only take affect for this specific wifi, if you use the device on some other wifi it won’t use the Static IP setting.