How to change client area email address

Right now, there is no function to update your email address yourself, but if you just provide us with a few details, then we can update your email address associated with your account for you.

Here is what we need:


  • The email address associated with your account now
  • The email address you want to change to


We also need proof that you are the correct owner of the account, for that we usually ask for the latest “Invoice ID” which can be found in your payment receipt email, and it can also be found in your client area in the “Your Orders” section. Remember to send us the latest one, if you have more than one.

Below is a screenshot for reference:

Here is a pre-written template that you can copy and email to us, just fill in your info.

My current email address is:
I want to change to this email address:
My latest Invoice ID is:

Fill in the information and send it to or use the Chat box in the bottom right corner of this page.