How to check for PandaPow Updates

This how to page describes how to check if your PandaPow app is up to date or if there is an update available. We always recommend using the latest PandaPow version for your device.



On Windows, open the PandaPow app and click the PandaPow menu and then About and then click Check for updates.


Mac OS, Android, PandaPow WiFi

On Mac OS, Android and PandaPow WiFi, you can check if there is an update available from the About tab in the PandaPow app/menu. See the screenshot below for reference:


iOS (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch)

Normally the PandaPow App will be updated automatically through the App Store, unless you have disabled that feature, then you need to open the iOS App Store and check if there is a pending update available for PandaPow and install it.