How to clear your browser’s cookies and cache

To reduce workload and improve speed, websites and your browser often remembers previous data. When you connect to PandaPow you may need to clear this remembered data, in order for previously blocked sites to work properly again.



To clear the cache on we recommend following this wiki guides that covers most browsers.

To clear cookies do:’s-Cookies

To clear the browser cache:



On new versions of Android the default is the Chrome browser. To clear cache and cookies in this browser, do:

  1. From the browser menu tap Settings
  2. Under the Advanced section, tap Privacy
  4. Select the data to clear and tap CLEAR


On earlier versions of Android, the default browser is slightly different. The steps to clear cache and cookies are:

  1. From the browser menu, tap “More”
  2. Tap “Settings”
  3. Scroll down to tap “Clear cache”.
  4. Scroll down to tap “Clear all cookie data”.