This page lists common filter configurations for PandaPow WiFi.


Note, that you may want to export and export and save any existing filter that you created have before applying a new filter. In case there’s a problem, you can go back to the previously saved filter.


To apply a filter, copy the text in the corresponding text box below exactly as is, and import it in PandaPow WiFi. Make sure you check the “Keep Existing” checkbox, if you want to keep filters that you already have. For details how to import, please see How To Filter PandaPow WiFi


Filter to Include Commonly Blocked Sites

The below filter includes commonly blocked or restricted websites, such as: Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Google, Gmail, Netflix, Hulu, Pandora, Amazon, Dropbox, Blogger.


Filter to Exclude Common Local Sites

The following filter excludes common local websites such as: Youku, Baidu, PPTV, QQ, Taobao