How to use PandaPow PPTP on Ubuntu

PPTP Setup

To setup PPTP on your Linux computer, please see below for instructions.


Step 1: Open the Configure VPN Dialog

To do that click the network icon in the right of your menu bar, and choose VPN > Configure VPN.


Step 2: Add a PPTP VPN

In the dialog that appears, click Add to add a new VPN configuration. Then select PPTP (may be the only choice).


Step 3: Enter Configuration

The configuration should be entered as seen below, with your actual username and password instead of the ones seen here.

The Gateway field should contain the address of the PandaPow server you wish to connect to. In this example it is Sam Jose. You may also choose another server, according to the following list of servers (only use the ones marked PPTP):

PandaPow server addresses

Note, if you have chosen a PPTP MPPE server, then open the Advanced… settings and check the option called “Use Point-to-Point encryption (MPPE)“.


Step 4: Connected

If the connection succeeds, you should see the icon in the menu bar change, to have a padlock on it 


Trouble shooting

If the connection fails, you might want to double check the configuration details. Make sure you entered a proper value for Gateway (not the XXX), the username and password are the correct ones.

If all seems correct, but you still can’t connect, please send us the following log file and await our help:



See Also

An alternative to using PPTP is L2TP/IPSec. To do that please follow instructions here:

How To Setup PandaPow L2TP/IPSec on Ubuntu