How to change DNS on a Mac

A DNS server is responsible for translating website names, such as, to IP addresses. Normally DNS servers are assigned automatically, so you need not worry about it. In some cases, however, you need to choose DNS servers manually. To do this proceed as follows:


  1. Open System Preferences > Internet & Wireless > Network
  2. In the list to the left select your internet connection. What it is called depends on how you connect to Internet but most often it would be called Wi-fi or Airport for wireless connections, or its name would contain Ethernet for connections via cable. Also make sure that the connection is active, that is it shows a green dot next to it.
  3. Click the Advanced button, then click DNS.
  4. Now edit the list of DNS servers, so that the first 2 entries are: and
  5. When done, click OK, then Apply.


NOTE: You may enter other DNS server addresses, but make sure that these are public DNS servers otherwise they can’t be used via the VPN.


Disable Monitoring

After setting the DNS, you also need to tell PandaPow to not try to set the DNS. To do this:

  1. Click Details… from the PandaPow menu.
  2. Click the Settings button and select the Do not set nameserver option


After changing the setting, please quit PandaPow and start it again to make sure it has complete effect.


Or you can watch a video version here