PandaPow for Mac – port block fix


There is now a new version of the PandaPow app for Mac that should make the below fix unnecessary.

To delete the fix from your computer please open a Terminal and issue the following 2 commands:

cd Library/Application\ Support/PandaPow 

sudo rm -rf Configurations/#0*

To download the new version of the app, go here: Mac Download

Note 2: if you have any problem with below setup, you may also try using PPTP/L2TP. Click here for instructions

Should the solution provided here stop working after a while. Then you might need to check back here if there’s a new version of this fix.


Step 0

Make sure you’re using the latest version of PandaPow for Mac. It can be downloaded from here: Mac Download


Step 1

Quit PandaPow. That is, click the PandaPow icon and choose Quit PandaPow from the menu.


Step 2

Open a Terminal window (Applications > Utilities > Terminal)

Copy the following command into the terminal and follow it by Return:

curl -O

This will fetch a file from our site. It may take a few moments before it completes. When it completes, issue the following command in the Terminal:

sudo tar xzf pandapow-mac-fix-dec-09.tgz

To complete this command you need to type the password for your computer.


Step 3

Start PandaPow again. When you click the PandaPow icon, you will see 2 new sub menues: USA-Fix and Europe-Fix.

Try connecting from these sub menus.


Trouble shooting

If it takes a while to connect, please have patience. It may take a little bit longer than usual.

If it takes more than 2 minutes to connect, please try some other connection. Also, try the ones ending in TCP.

If the fix stops working after you have used it for a while, please make sure you have the latest version of the fix. The latest version was uploaded december 7, 8:30PM HKT.

If you have the latest version of the fix, then please contact us and include the log details. To get the log details, please select “Details…” from the PandaPow menu. Then click the Log button. You can then copy the log details and paste them into an email to us.