PandaPow on OS X Mountain Lion

On Mac OS X Mountain Lion, older versions of PandaPow doesn’t work with the default settings. To fix that you need to do as follows:


Note there’s a new version of PandaPow for Mac that solves the problem. Download the latest version of PandaPow here.


Step 1: Change PandaPow’s name server setting

In the PandaPow Details window (choose Details… from the menu), change the settings to Do not set nameserver as seen in below image.


Step 2: Quit PandaPow

Just to make sure the changed settings take affect.


Step 3: Set DNS in System Preferences

Since the name server now isn’t set by PandaPow, you need to set them manually. This only needs to be done once.

To set the name servers, also known as DNS servers, please follow instructions here: How to change DNS on mac


Step 4: Connect PandaPow

You should now be able to connect PandaPow as before, and it should work.