Using PandaPow on Mac

Note, this guide is for versions 2.3.9 and older. If you are using Version 3 or newer of our app, please see this guide instead.


Step 1.

Download the PandaPow application for Mac OS X, then open the downloaded file.


Step 2.

Double-click the PandaPow icon to install it on your computer.

Mac Installer


Step 3.

During the installation you will be asked to enter your computer password so that the PandaPow app can be installed on your hard drive.

Type your computer password and click OK.

Mac Installer


Step 4.

At the end of the installation you will be asked to launch PandaPow. Click the button to launch.

Mac Installer


Step 5.

Once PandaPow is started, you will see the PandaPow icon in the menu bar. Click the PandaPow icon and choose a location to connect to from one of the location sub menus.

Connect to PandaPow


Step 6.

The first time you connect, you will be asked to fill in your username and password. You received these in an email when you signed up.

Locate the email and fill in the username and password, then click OK.

login to PandaPow

The username and password will be saved to the Keychain. If you need to delete them, you do so in the “Keychain Access” application, found in Utilities sub folder of your Applications folder. Delete all entries named ‘PandaPow-Auth-PandaPow’ (there should be 2 of them).



During the connection process, the menu bar will display the pandapow connecting icon.

PandaPow connecting



Once the connection is complete, you will see the connection icon turn into a small green tick mark.

PandaPow connected


This means you can now access any website securely and anonymously.


Trouble shooting

If you have any trouble connecting, please select “Details…” in the PandaPow menu. Click the Log button and copy the log details to an email to us at:

We’ll get right back to you with a solution.


Stopping PandaPow

If you want to disconnect from PandaPow, simply click on the icon in the menu bar, and choose ‘Disconnect’. The PandaPow icon will then turn grey again.


PandaPow disconnected


Click the icon again and choose ‘Connect PandaPow’ to connect again.

To shut down the PandaPow application completely, click the icon and choose ‘Quit PandaPow’.


Or you can watch a video version here