How to renew existing PandaPow account

This page describes the steps to do if you have an existing PandaPow VPN account, that is about to expire, and you wish to renew it.

This also applies if you have a subscription payment and you wish to change the terms or payment method.

  1. First login to the client area using your customer email and password.
  2. When you’ve logged in you will see a list containing your VPN account details, and, to the right, a link that says either “Add Payment” or “Change Subscription”. Click that.
  3. Now you will see a list of payment options to choose from. Once you choose an option, you will need to complete the payment via PayPal or 2Checkout, just as when you first ordered.

If you have a subscription and change it, you may receive notice about the original subscription being cancelled. That’s normal, the VPN account won’t be cancelled, though. So just keep using it.