How to restart the PandaPow app on Android

In order to conserve battery power, Android phone’s normally shuts down all network activity in sleep mode (i.e. when the screen is off). This means that the server assumes the phone is no longer connected.


When your phone is awaken again, it may think it still has a working connection, even if the PandaPow server doesn’t. In this situation the only thing to do is to reconnect to PandaPow. The easiest way to do this is as follows:


  1. Pull down the status bar and click on the PandaPow VPN.
  2. Normally you will get to choose what app to use to complete the action, choose PandaPow.
  3. Click the “Disconnect” button in the subsequent dialog.
  4. PandaPow will disconnect, and you will see the “Connect PandaPow” dialog. Press “Connect”.