How to send the PandaPow log file

If you have problems connecting PandaPow, we can usually tell what it is by looking at the log messages produced by the PandaPow app, or the system log of your device. So please help us help you by sending us the log file according to below instructions:


Windows (all versions)

In the PandaPow app main window click “Copy log file”.

Now you can use Paste (Ctrl-V) to include the log file in an email to:



Using the PandaPow App for Mac OS Sierra, iOS 9+, Android 4+

To send the log, please select the “Help” tab and then tap “Submit Log”.

VPN Log file


Mac OS (PandaPow version 2.3.9 and older)

Click the PandaPow status icon and select “Details …” from the drop down menu.

Make sure the connection you have tried is selected in the left pane of the Details window.

Click the “Log” button, then “Copy log to clipboard”. Next paste the log into an email, to us at:



How to send the log on Android depends on whether you use the PandaPow app for Android 4+, or the old native Android VPN.


Android 4.0 and later

NEW: Please use the PandaPow for Android 4+ app from Google Play:

PandaPow for Android 4+ on Google Play

To send the log, please select the “Help” tab and then tap “Submit Log”.


Using Android native VPN on Android 4.0

On Android 4.0 and earlier, use the old PandaPow app to generate and send the log.

  1. Try to connect to the VPN.
  2. After connection has failed, in the PandaPow app tap “Help” then “Send!”
  3. Select your preferred email client.
  4. Optionally enter more info, and then send.


Using Android native VPN on 4.1 and later

On Android 4.1 and later versions, it is not possible for apps to read the system log file. To enable us to trouble shoot, please do instead as follows:

  • Try connecting the VPN a few times
  • Send us the following info:
    • The exact server address that you tried to connect to. A screenshot of the VPN configuration is preferred.
    • Your PandaPow username
    • Your IP address; you can get the IP address by clicking here

If you really wish to send the system log, then you can do that as follows. Note that this is not always working as expected, so only attempt this if all other options fail:

  1. Press and hold down all these at the same time: Power + Volume up + Volume down. You will need to hold these down for a couple of seconds then release. You may need a few tries to get it right. When done correctly you will notice a short series of vibrations, and you’ll see a dialog “Complete action using”.
  2. Choose to complete the action with Gmail (or any other email client you see).
  3. Set the recipient of the email to
  4. Optionally delete the screen shot attachment (to make it faster to send).


iOS (iPhone/iPad/iPod touch)

iOS 9 or newer

With iOS 9 or newer, please use the PandaPow App found in the iOS App Store

  1. Try to connect to the VPN.
  2. After connection has failed, in the PandaPow app tap the “Help” tab then “Submit Log”
  3. Optionally enter more info, and then send.


PandaPow Wifi

  1. Connect to your PandaPow Wifi network and browse to address (if you have changed the IP number of your PandaPow Wifi use that IP number).
  2. Goto the Home tab and click on the Log button, a new window will open with your log file.
  3. Please select all the text in the log file window and send it to us via email.