How to specify what IP address to use

When using our speedtest to test PPTP or L2TP/IPSec servers, you will notice that in some locations there are multiple servers.

If you wish to use a specific server, you will need to change the VPN setup on your device to indicate the specific IP address of that server.

In the above example there are 3 servers in Los Angeles. Their respective IP address is shown within parentheses, next to the name. For example there’s a server with IP address:

On iOS

To use a specific server IP address, go to the VPN settings on your iOS device and click the blue circle next to the VPN server you wish to use. Then you can now change the Server field, so that it contains the IP address you get from the speed test results.

On Android

Following the setup instructions here you specify the server IP address in the server address field.

On Mac OS

Open System Preferences, and select Network. Select the VPN connection you want to use in the list to the left. Enter the IP address in the ‘Server Address’ field, then click Apply.

On Windows

Click Properties, then enter the server IP address instead of the hostname, and click OK. See below image for example: