Using the new Mac App


NOTE: this app only works on OS X version 10.11 and later, it will NOT work on OS X 10.10 and earlier. Sorry for this inconvenience. We will fix this as soon as possible.

If you find a problem, do contact us and let us know!


Step 1

Download the PandaPow Mac App from here, then open the downloaded file.


Step 2

On OS X 10.11 El Capitan: Double-click the PandaPow icon to install it on your computer.

Mac Installer

NOTE: On OS X 10.12 Sierra, If you can’t install PandaPow by double clicking the icon, then drag it to the Applications folder instead:

Drag to install


Step 3

During the installation you will be asked to enter your computer password so that the PandaPow app can be installed on your hard drive.

Type your computers username and password and click OK.

Mac Installer


Step 4

Once the application is installed and started, you will be asked to sign in.

Mac Sign in


Enter your PandaPow username and password here, the details were sent to your email address, and they can also be found in your client area.


Don’t have a PandaPow account yet? Then you can sign up from here


Using the new app

Using the new app is straight forward, to connect to VPN, simply click on connect button and wait for it to turn green.

Mac VPN Connect


When VPN is connected, it should look like this:

Mac VPN Connect


Quick tips


  • To run the speed test to multiple servers, disconnect the VPN and click on the “Test” button. After you have finished the speed test, you can connect to a server by clicking on it, and then choosing “Connect”.
  • To change country, simply click on the country shown in the list, and then choose a new one. If you want to choose a specific server of that country, click on the server list to the right of the country list and choose a server there



The Menu

In the top left corner you can access the app menu. From there you have several tabs including:


  • Home
  • Account – Here you can check your username, sign out from the app, check your account status, account type as well as billing info, and account expiry date. You also have links to renew your account and to open your client area
  • About – Here you can check recent changes in and which current version you have installed
  • Help – If you bump into trouble, check this tab. First check our FAQ, and if you can’t connect at all for some reason, please submit the log to us.
  • VPN – Here you can change your VPN settings such as VPN server, VPN protocol, and if you want to set a specific port you can do so from here, but we only recommend doing that if we tell you to, or if you know what you are doing.



Troubeshooting / Can’t connect?

In case you can not connect, try changing a few settings:


  • Try changing to another server or using the “Bump” button.
  • Try changing to another country
  • Try changing VPN protocol from UDP to TCP or vice versa


Remember to Apply the settings you have just changed!


Conflicting TUN/TAP Extensions

If you try to connect PandaPow and it fails pretty much immediately, chances are that some other program didn’t unload its TUN/TAP extensions. This is not very nice of the other program, since it is stopping PandaPow from doing it’s thing.

Signs of conflicting TUN/TAP extensions:

You get a red “ERROR” text in the app, and you see this in the Log window:

Couldn’t load /Applications/, bailing

Please follow these instructions to fix this issue