Setup PandaPow Manually on Android

The Android App has been verified to work on the “stock version” of Android, which basically means it will work on a vast majority of Android devices. Unfortunately, however, there are modified versions of Android on which the PandaPow app simply won’t work.


But not to worry, you will still be able to enjoy using PandaPow, it will only be a little more work setting it up. Here are the steps to do a manual setup, if the app doesn’t work:


  1. In the phone settings tap “Wireless & Networks”
  2. Tap “VPN settings”
  3. Tap “Add VPN”
  4. Tap “Add L2TP VPN”
  5. Fill in the following:

Name: PandaPow

Server: Choose a server from this list

Enable L2TP Secret: not checked

DNS search domains: not set

  1. Press back to create the PandaPow VPN profile


You can now start the VPN by clicking PandaPow in the list. Fill in the username and password we provided you in the account activation email.


To avoid having to retype the password, we recommend installing the 5 VPN app (download it for free from Android Market). It lets you save the password, and adds it to the clipboard when you want to start VPN. So all you have to do is paste the password in the appropriate field.