How to cancel recurring payments

NOTE: If you are canceling your recurring payments because of an issue, please contact us and we will help you fix it.

If you have signed up for recurring payments and wish to stop, here is how to cancel PandaPow payments.



If you are paying via PayPal, you need to login to your PayPal account to cancel the recurring billing.

To find the recurring payment profile, simply click on this link:


If you have more than one account with recurring payments, and you don’t want to cancel all of them, you’ll need to go to the client-area. There you’ll find the invoice number/item number of the recurring payment profiles for each PandaPow account.

You will receive a confirmation from both PayPal and us that the recurring payments have been cancelled. That means no more payments will be made until you make another purchase.



If you are paying via 2CheckOut you can either cancel at 2Checkout’s website:

Alternatively, you can request us to cancel it for you, as follows:

  1. Click here and login to the client area.
  2. Then click on the VPN account that you wish to cancel payments for.
  3. On the VPN account details page, click the link called “Stop automatic billing”.


Once we have received the request, it may take up to 8 hours before it has been processed. Once the cancellation is complete, you will receive a confirmation.