How to Update PandaPow WiFi to Latest Version


Note: It is possible to update using WiFi or Ethernet, we recommend using an Ethernet cable.

Make sure your PandaPow WiFi is connected to the Internet with either WiFi or Ethernet, and that the computer your are using is connected to the PandaPow WiFi.


Step 1

Open in your browser. Or if you have changed that address, use that one.

Make sure your PandaPow WiFi is the same version as the image below (version 0.2.39), if you have an earlier version, click on “Check now” and follow the steps to upgrade to version 0.2.39.

Update PandaPow WiFi


Step 2

Click on Overview, and then click on “Launch”, to launch the new interface.

Update PandaPow WiFi


Step 3

Click on the Settings button, as shown in the image below.

Update PandaPow WiFi


Step 4

Click on the “About” tab as shown in the image below.

Update PandaPow WiFi


Step 5

Check for updates (if necessary), and then click on “Install update” as shown below.

Update PandaPow WiFi


Step 6

Wait while the update is preparing and downloading. This may take a couple of minutes. If the update is stuck at “Downloading” for more than 5 minutes, please restart your PandaPow WiFi and try again.

Update PandaPow WiFi


Step 7

When the update is downloaded, it will look like the image below. Click the “Start” button to start the Firmware Upgrade.

IMPORTANT: Do not turn off or reset the device during the upgrade.

Update PandaPow WiFi


Step 8

Update PandaPow WiFi

After the firmware upgrade is complete, the device will restart and you will be disconnected from the PandaPow WiFi, please wait for it to start up again, and then reconnect to the device.


Step 9

Reconnect to your PandaPow WiFi device and open the admin interface again, now it should look like the image below, and the version should be 0.3.0.

Click on the “About” tab, and then “Check for updates”.

Update PandaPow WiFi


Step 10

After checking for updates, PandaPow WiFi will find a newer version, click on “Install update”.

Update PandaPow WiFi


Step 11

Once the newest version is installed (0.3.18 or newer). It will look like the image below.

Update PandaPow WiFi


All done!

Enjoy the new PandaPow WiFi firmware with lots of improvements and new features.