How to use the PandaPow VPN Speed Test

Step 1: Launch the Speed Test

VPN Speed Test

Start by disconnecting the VPN if you want to test the speed to multiple servers. If you use the speed test with VPN Connected, you will only test the speed to the current connected server.


On Mac (Version 3+ for Sierra and newer), Android, iOS (iPhone and iPad), PandaPow WiFi – open the PandaPow VPN app or settings and click “Test”. This will launch the PandaPow VPN speed test.

Note: If you are using another device than the ones mentioned above, you can use our web based speed test instead (it’s the same). Click here to open the PandaPow Speed test in your browser.


Step 2: Settings & Speed Test Results

The speed test will launch and test the current selected country when you click on the “Test” button. If you want to change the settings or check the speed to more or all countries, stop the speed test by clicking the “Stop” button.

VPN Speed Test Countries

To run the speed test to all countries, click the “Run All” button.

If you want to choose the countries you test, select them in the list and then click “Run Selected”.

For better and more accurate results, click on the Settings button and increase the value for “Test each server for this many seconds“.


Check your speed test results

The speed test score is pretty straight forward. The speed is measured in kb/s and the higher the number, the better. If you are using one of the devices listed above, then you can click on the server in the speed test and then connect to it from right there.

If you are using a device that does not yet have our speed test in the app, then write down which servers gave you the best score and speed and then connect to one of those servers in the PandaPow app.


Further tips

1) It’s usually a good idea to test servers that are close to your actual location.

2) If you notice problems with performance of your Internet connection, even if it only appears to happen when you connect to PandaPow, it can be a good idea to try “rebooting” your internet connection.