How to reset the PandaPow WiFi device

If you’re having problems connecting to the PandaPow WiFi device, for example you have lost the password, you can reset the device.


To reset the PandaPow WiFi please follow the below steps:

  • 1) Make sure the PandaPow WiFi device is on, i.e. the on/off switch is has a light blue back ground and the lamp is green or yellow. If the device is not on, then turn it on. If the light doesn’t come on within a few seconds, make sure you charge the device and try again.


  • 2) The “RESET” button is located on the side of the PandaPow device next to the micro USB port used for the charger. You will need a toothpick or similar tool to be able to press the button. NOTE: Only press the button for a VERY SHORT TIME (less than a second). If you keep the button pressed too long, you might accidentally do a factory reset, which is NOT recommended.


  • 3) A few moments after releasing the reset button, the device indicator should start blinking. Wait until it stops blinking and shows a steady green or yellow light.


  • 4) You can now connect to the PandaPow WiFi wireless network, using the following password: pandapow123



  • 6) As soon as you have connected, please change the WiFi password to something more secure. Also, note that the VPN connection, and any wireless internet connection will be turned OFF by a reset. So you will have to manually turn these ON if needed.


If this doesn’t solve your problems you can try to do a factory reset of your PandaPow wifi device