How to restrict the protocol on Windows

The PandaPow application on Windows has 2 modes of connection, UDP and TCP.

On a well functioning internet connection, there’s usually no major difference between the two.

UDP is often preferred, due it being somewhat simpler and faster. TCP, on the other hand, is more robust and reacts faster to disconnections.

By default, PandaPow selects the mode randomly. You can tell what mode is used by a ‘udp’ or ‘tcp’ appearing next to the server name, in the PandaPow window.

If you click the Next button in the PandaPow window, a new server will be selected, and you will see that sometimes it’s a UDP server, sometimes a TCP server.



If you notice that TCP isn’t working well generally, you can tell PandaPow to only use UDP. To do that click Settings from the PandaPow menu, then select the Advanced tab. In the Allowed protocols drop-down list, select UDP Only



Conversely, if UDP isn’t working well, you can try changing setting to  TCP Only.

After changing the setting, you need to reconnect PandaPow to have the setting take effect.