How to use PandaPow via a local proxy

Normally, PandaPow expects a direct connection to the Internet to work properly. If you know that your internet connection is done via a proxy then you will need to change some settings to get PandaPow to work.


To make PandaPow able to connect via a proxy, please proceed as follows:

  • Open PandaPow Settings, select the Advanced tab and click Edit Config File 
  • This will open the PandaPow configuration file in Notepad. In this file enter the following:


Where PROXY_SERVER_ADDRESS and PROXY_SERVER_PORT are the address and port of the local proxy server.

  • Save the PandaPow configuration file and try to connect.


To remove the proxy settings, in case you have a direct internet connection, simply do the first step above, but instead remove the line containing ‘http-proxy’. If you wish to keep the line in the configuration file, but tell PandaPow to ignore it, simply add a ‘;’ first on the line. In other words, if you enter this:


Then PandaPow will ignore the proxy settings, and assume that there is a direct connection to the internet.