How to re-install the TAP Adapter

On Windows the PandaPow software uses a so called TAP adapter to connect your computer to our servers. It’s a known issue that this TAP adapter sometimes isn’t properly installed, and it may also get corrupted, or deleted by the Windows system or some other program.

To resolve this the easiest is to re-install the TAP adapter manually as follows:


Start PandaPow, and from the PandaPow menu select Settings, then select the Advanced tab and click the Reinstall TAP button. This will bring up a Command Prompt as shown below.

It may say that no device was removed, depending no whether the TAP adapter was installed previously or not.

On Windows XP you may get a warning/error that the software hasn’t passed the “Windows logo testing”. Make sure to click “Continue anyway”.  See here for more details.

Verify that the final message is Drivers installed successfully, then hit Enter to close the Command Prompt.

NOTE: If installing the driver fails, you will see an error message in the window. Please take a screenshot of this error and send to us. You may also try installing the old TAP adapter instead, as described here. That may solve the problem.

Also, on Windows XP you need to Restart the computer after completing this installation.



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