Removing servers file

In some circumstances you might need to remove the program server file that PandaPow stores on your computer. This just means that next time you start PandaPow it will use a default set of servers.

NOTE: The Application data folder on Windows is often hidden. If you can’t find the folder, please make sure hidden files are shown: see here.

To locate the servers file, copy the appropriate path, as detailed below, into the address bar of a file explorer window. The file to remove is named ‘servers’ and it is an xml file.

IMPORTANT before deleting the servers file you must exit PandaPow.

In the below file paths, you may need to substitute the name of your windows account for the %USERNAME%.


Windows XP Path

On Windows XP, the path to the PandaPow settings folder is:

C:\Documents and Settings\%USERNAME%\Local Settings\Application Data\doEnter_Ltd


Windows Vista/7 Path

On Windows Vista and Windows 7 the path to the PandaPow settings folder is:


Before deleting the settings folder, we’d appreciate if you could send it to us to help us fix this problem.