How to reset Windows Network adapters

The following is a list of the commands you can use to reset your Windows 7 network adapter. This may solve odd behaviors in Windows related to routing and DNS.

Run the following commands in a Command Prompt that has been started “as administrator”. That is, in the Start menu search box, type cmd,  right-click the cmd item at the top and select Run as administrator from the menu.



The command are listend in order of most likely to fix the problem. You need to reconnect PandaPow to test if the problem is solved. Some commands will require a restart of the computer as well.



Resets Winsock Catalog to a clean state. Restart computer after this on.e

netsh winsock reset



This command restores the Windows Firewall with Advanced Security policy to the default policy.

netsh advfirewall reset



Resets the BranchCache service. Flushes the local cache. Every configuration parameter of BranchCache will be reset to its default value.

netsh branchcache reset



Resets TCP/IP and related components to a clean state.

netsh int ip reset



Resets IPv6 configuration state.

netsh int ipv6 reset



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