Getting started with PandaPow on Windows

(this describes version 2.0 and later of PandaPow for Windows. For older versions please see here )


Step 1: Installation

Download PandaPow for windows and run it.

On Windows XP you may get a warning/error that the software hasn’t passed the “Windows logo testing”. Make sure to click “Continue anyway”.  See here for more details.

Once installation is completed, launch the PandaPow app.


Step 2: User credentials

Fill in your username and password (see the client area or the activation email that you received when signing up).


Step 3: Choose a server

Select your server location, the closer the better normally. You can change to another server later with just a couple of clicks.


Step 4: Connect

When connecting, you will also see the PandaPow icon in the system tray turn from grey:

PandaPow not connected

to connecting, with a blue mark:

PandaPow Connecting

and finally green.

PandaPow Connected

Now you’re able to browse anonymously and without restrictions.

Note: If you don’t see the icon in the system tray, it’s because Windows “hides it”. You need to click on the “triangle” to show the hidden icons.

Windows hidden tray icons


What next?

Once PandaPow is connected, showing the green tick mark, you’re VPN service is working. You can use the internet just as you would normally do, knowing that your IP address is hidden, your data is encrypted and your access is unrestricted.

If you want to disconnect from PandaPow, click on the system tray icon, and select disconnect. You can also connect and disconnect from the PandaPow details window.


Not working?

Don’t worry, we’re always here to help sort out any issues you may bump into. You can also check out some of the most common issues in our trouble shooting guide.

If you ask us for help, please make sure to send the connection details. Click the PandaPow system tray icon and select Details, then in the window that appears click Show details, then Copy details.

You can now paste them into an email and send to us.