Configure PandaPow on iOS

NOTE: there is an easier way to set up PandaPow on your iOS device. Simply download our iOS App for iOS 9 or later If you have iOS 8 or older, you can instead configure PandaPow on your iPhone by following the step-by-step instructions below.


PandaPow on iPhoneiPad or iPod is easy to use. You don’t have to enter any details, just download the configuration straight to your device. See below for details.


iOS Config Installation


Please make sure you use the Safari browser (the standard browser) on your iOS device when performing this setup. It might not work with other browsers.

If you have previously successfully downloaded the PandaPow configuration, please remove that before downloading a new one. To remove the old configurations, go to Settings > General > Profile, then click Remove to delete the PandaPow profile.

Open the PandaPow website in the browser on your iOS device and navigate to the client area. If prompted to, log in to the site using your email and password sent to you upon signing up.

NOTE: If for some reason you can’t access the site on your iOS device, perform these steps on a PC or Mac, email the downloaded file as an attachment to yourself, and open that attachment on your iOS device.



Under “Your VPN Accounts” click the account you wish to set up, and on the “Account Details” page there’s a link to “Download iOS Config”. Click that.

Step 2



Downloading the config file should bring up the config profile installer automatically. Click Install followed by Install Now.

The installation of the PandaPow profile should only take a few moments.

Note: If the config file fails to download, perform the above steps to download it to a PC or Mac, email the downloaded file to yourself as an attachment, then open the attachment on your iOS device.

Step 3


If you have enabled a passcode on your device, then you will be asked to fill that in before the installation can start. This is the same passcode you use to unlock your device.



After the PandaPow profile is installed, navigate to Settings > General > Network > VPN where you will find all the PandaPow VPN servers that you can choose from. Select one, then turn VPN to “On” to connect.

Step 4


You can also watch a video version of the guide here



If for some reason the connection fails, please allow us to help you troubleshoot by sending us the following information:

Alternatively, setup IPSec on iOS

If you have trouble connecting with PPTP / L2TP as described in the guide above you can try to setup IPSec on your iOS device as described here: Setup IPsec on iOS, the IPSec profile can be installed next to the PPTP / L2TP profile above , there is no need to remove the PPTP / L2TP profile.



Doing it this way, you need to enter your account information, server information and everything else manually, which is not recommended.



Choose Settings > General > Network > VPN and then choose Add VPN Configuration.

Step 1



You can select either the PPTP tab or the L2TP tab. In the server field enter the server address (see this link for available servers). Enter Username (Account) and Password taken from the email you received upon ordering and paying for PandaPow. If you selected the L2TP/IPSec tab, you also need to fill in a Secret: HowEasy. Make sure “Send All Traffic” is On.

Step 2



Click Save. You will now be able to connect to the PandaPow VPN. Happy Browsing!

Step 3