PandaPow for iOS

IMPORTANT: Some countries has forced Apple to remove all VPN apps from certain App Store countries. If you can not find the PandaPow VPN app in your App Store, please follow this guide first.


PandaPow VPN App for iOS

Note: Make sure you have updated your iOS device, since the app is only available for iOS 9.0 and later.

To get started, download our app from the App Store. You can find the app by searching for PandaPow in the App Store, or by using this direct link.

Once the app is installed, simply sign in to the app with your VPN Username & Password found in your client area. For a more detailed guide, scroll down on this page.


PandaPow iOS App


PandaPow iOS App features:


  • Connect with a single click
  • Choose from more servers than the old iOS config
  • Built in speed test (Click the “Test” button with VPN disconnected)
  • Bump (Skip) servers
  • Speed graph of traffic being used in real-time
  • Check your account info, billing, expiry date right there in the app
  • And even more coming soon!


Step by Step Installation Guide

Here is a step by step guide on how to install our iOS app. First make sure you have installed iOS 9 or later.


Step 1


  • Open the App Store and search for “PandaPow”
  • Click the Download button and make sure it downloads


PandaPow iOS Installation


Step 2


  • Click “Allow” to allow the app add VPN configurations


PandaPow iOS Installation


Step 3


  • If prompted, enter your passcode (the same code you use to unlock your device) or use Touch ID.


PandaPow iOS Installation


Step 4


  • Enter your VPN username (NOT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS) and VPN Password found in your client area and tap “Sign in”


PandaPow iOS Installation



Good job! You have successfully installed the PandaPow iOS App, now you should be greeted with the following screen:

PandaPow iOS Installation


Quick tip


  • To run the speed test to multiple servers, disconnect the VPN and click on the “Test” button. After you have finished the speed test, you can connect to a server by tapping on it, and then choosing “Connect”.




In case you can not connect, try changing a few settings:


  • Try changing to another server or using the “Bump” button.
  • Try changing to another country


If that doesn’t help, update to the latest version of iOS and/or reset the network settings of your device.



Manual Setup for iOS 8 and older

On iOS 8 and older, you have to install our iOS config file or set up PandaPow manually as described here