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by T Lee Horne III on PandaPow
easiest VPN

This is simply the easiest VPN system I have ever found. Easy to set up and fast to use.

by Johnny C. on PandaPow
Awesome product, awesome service. Thanks!

I've used PandaPow for about 5 years now. It has worked amazingly while abroad and works well even during periods when other VPNs were unreliable at best. The icing on the cake? My subscription was set to expire 4 days before escaping the Great Firewall, so I emailed them to ask if they could extend my service to cover these couple of days. Within an hour, someone had written me back, notifying me they extended it.

Awesome product, awesome service. Thanks!

by Dennis S. on PandaPow
PandaPow is the answer when your access to the web is restricted

PandaPow is the answer when your access to the web is restricted. PandaPow works and has the best price/service ratio. Also love their help section which is as fast as their servers 😉

by Shane C. on PandaPow
PandaPow VPN is by far the best provider of VPN services.

PandaPow VPN is by far the best provider of VPN services. The online staff is very helpful and patient. I have access to a wide variety of Countries and regions for all my internet activities. PandaPow VPN is always looking to improve and increase their range of services. Join PandaPow VPN NOW

by Erik L. on PandaPow
The best VPN

In my experience, pandapow is the best VPN on the market today, easy to connect, reliable connection with good speed!

by Mike on PandaPow
Trouble-free VPN!

I opted for both PandaPow Classic VPN and PandaPow WiFi (the combo package) and I don't regret that at all. It's been smooth sailing and smooth streaming with this awesome VPN!

by Eric on PandaPow

I have tried many VPNs and PandaPow is by far the best one, as well as good service. Thanks and keep up the good work!

by David on PandaPow

Works great on my Macbook and iPhone, like the built in speed test! Keep up the good work!

by Veronica Daugherty on PandaPow
Title: very satisfied

My friend suggested that I should try Panda Pow and I'm so glad I did! I live in PRC, so I really need a service like this, to accomplish my daily tasks at work and in my personal life. Last year, I struggled with an inferior VPN service... but this year, I am so happy! Panda Pow staff works hard to optimize convenience and efficiency. With all the time I save, NOT waiting for my VPN to load... I've got plenty of time to leave a review of gratitude!

by Anonymous on PandaPow
Thank you for Re-Connecting me to the outside world !

Its fast and easy to connect!

by Manuel on PandaPow
The most fulfilling

Truly the best VPN I have ever used, and pp wifi is fabulous. Connects me to the outside world without any hustle and the best thing is, it's easy to use. I love it.

by Joseph Riglo on PandaPow
Highly appreciate your service

After 14 years in PRC I am heading back to the US, I have used different VPN since I’ve been here; let’s say some haven’t been very reliable. PandPow meet every expectation that I was looking for, I highly recommend this to anyone working in PRC. Sincerely yours Jriglo

by Joe Sloboda on PandaPow
Thank you for Re-Connecting me to the outside world !

Absolutely Fantastic and Easy to install - works like a charm and making it so easy to access the sites I need for work and pleasure while I am in CN . . . Thank you, thank you, thank you 😀

by Denice Barret on PandaPow
Best service ever!

Absolutely amazing service from Panda Pow! Love love LOVE my PandaPow WiFi!!! can't imagine how I survived without it! So easy to use, even for non-techy people!

by kapmike on PandaPow
i am in love with this VPN

i love pandapow and already introduce it to many of my friends .. thanks you for sharing such good service love you P.POW TEAM

by Charles Wilson on PandaPow
Worked like a charm from PRC

On a recent trip to Asia I needed access to Google services and therefore needed a VPN provider. I selected Pandapow and was very happy with the ease of use and quality of the service.

by Cindy T on PandaPow
Amazing PandaPow Wifi!!!

Got my Panda Pow Wifi this morning; I am thrilled and can't believe how easy it was to set up and have it running!!! It works amazing. I needed to search for the fastest server for my location, almost hassle-free. Works perfectly over my wifi; even better than if I connect it directly to the router; this is even better for me when my router is not too close to where I need the VPN; works as an extension of my Wifi and VPN... So, I can, at last, make the best out of my AppleTV; Netflix, Youtube, etc. All my devices are connected and running on PondaPow Wifi. I LOVE the added feature where you can choose which sites do not go through the VPN, and even devices that can access the PandaPow Wifi but and use it without the VPN. Customer Service has been great and extremely helpful; and they are always reachable one way or another, and ready to promptly answer any questions. Thank you from a happy customer! C.

by Calvin Teja on PandaPow
Calvin T

Very stable connection in Shanghai with Pandapow. But you need to have at least 4/5 signal bars before you can connect. Faster than most VPNs when used on my laptop.

Very reliable

I'm a user in Shanghai. Frankly speaking I have used more than 5-6 VPN providers (not local one) and not really happy with most of them. But this one Pandapow surprised me big time. Because it's very reliable. You can be sure that you will be happy and always get connected. And software on Android platform is superb. Can't describe more but now i'm always connected on VPN.

by Nicholas on PandaPow
A few manageable problems

I was in Asia for a year and a half. This baby worked perfectly. Sometimes had to change server but aside from that, floorless.

by Zheng Xiao Xia on PandaPow

The connection is fast, never goes down, easy to use, many servers, the best vpn out there. Very glad i chose PandaPow.

by Joel on PandaPow
Reliable, fast, and simple.

This is hands down the easiest VPN to use. It's connection never goes down for me and I've been using it for a year. Thank you!

by gary on PandaPow

I have had the new beta version working fo 2 days now,I am very happy to say my android is much faster and the being able to test the connection speed is great to, I can now get all my programs that were blocked , I would give this 5 stars, thank you one very happy customer.

by Tom on PandaPow
So much help in so many ways!

In my line of work I travel a lot to war zones being a war-photographer. However in 2013 I found myself in love with a Ukrainian woman who was working in Asia and found most social media sites blocked. I tried out Pandapow and it worked perfect! It now also is installed and working on my mac, android phone and my iphone. After Asia I had to go back to war on the middle-east again and realised the usefulness Pandapow delivers. For me it means my data connections are secure when covering war, but also it means I can view websites AND youtube content that has been blocked in some countries! (for instance, almost all popular recent music videos are blocked on youtube because of GEMA copyright blocking.) I just log-in, connect to a decent server and [BOOM] VOILA! [/BOOM]

by Ilya on PandaPow
the best i've tried!

the best VPN i've ever tried! great service! recommend to all my friends! and all my friends still appreciate my advice. Thank you!

by David on PandaPow
Best VPN in PRC

I have been working in PRC for several years now and have tried several different VPN services and PandaPow is by far the fastest and most reliable. I recently purchased the Wifi router and this works perfectly also. Keep up the great work guys!

by Anja on PandaPow
Great and quick customer service

I can only recommend it, works perfectly well where I am and the support team answers questions very quickly. I am a very satisfied customer.

by Karen on PandaPow
Great Support

Had issues with my Pandapow, and the support team fixed it for me. I want to thank however was behind that screen, it worked!!

by Howard on PandaPow
PRC - works a treat

Fabulous stuff. Have been using this for the 2 and a half years now. Necessity for my job where I make repeated trip to PRC. Also useful to be able to use BBC iplayer outside of the UK and download my fave progs.

by Roy on PandaPow

Used fine for over two months on both laptop and phone. Especially useful for Google services (search, Android Play store, etc) which were accessible yet throttled to snail-like speeds without PandaPow.

by Hans-Peter on PandaPow

I have checked out a lot of VPN services and I run even now 5 different VPN's in order to find the best and my verdict is it is is - PANDA POW. Especially the streaming speed is impressing. Good job guys.

by Edward on PandaPow
Simple access in the PRC

I just returned from a two-week trip to the PRC (Shanghai and Xi'an), and PandaPow worked flawlessly (but see the notes specifically about PRC access). I was able to log in to many sites that were otherwise blocked or diverted, including streaming -- it's fast! I found that it sometimes conflicted with my local office's network, but that was expected; I never had a problem from the hotel.

by Wallace on PandaPow
Middle Kingdom Puuuuuurfect

Flawless and absolute here in the land of difficult connections.

by Luo on PandaPow
very useful in CN

Reliable service, Reasonable price, never fail, highly recommended! Wish there will be an one-click update. 'cause new version comes too frequently.

by Gabor on PandaPow
Really good VPN

I have tried like 10 VPNs since I am behind the Great Firewall, most of them cheap ones, but also some "premium" ones, PandaPow was the fastest and most reliable of them all. I did have some problems, but support answered usually within a few hours up to 1 day. I wish there was a package with no time limitation but data (traffic) limitation.

by Margaret on PandaPow
Worked flawlessly in PRC

Just returned from mainland PRC. Never had any problems at all. highly recommend

by KaToya on PandaPow

They really do care. The support team is fast and reliable. Recommended!

by Joseph on PandaPow
They actually care about you

I've been using PandaPow for over 3 months now. Their support is awesome. They respond rapidly and they have been doing a great job of dealing with the ever internet. I get the feeling that they genuinely care about their customers. I highly recommend these guys.

by Baggio on PandaPow
Highly recommended!

It WORKS!! Plus lightning fast customer support - I sent a support ticket and they responded in friggin' 10 MINUTES!! Amazing stuff...would recommend to anyone who needs to access blocked websites. 😀 Cheers

by criptis83 on PandaPow

Cheap, great and fast. One of the best out there!! Absolutely recommended.

by Tiffany on PandaPow
Great VPN!

I really enjoy using Panda Pow! The customer service was one of the best I've ever had. Highly recommend this!

by jeremykoolhot on PandaPow

One of the best VPN ever...try it!!! and see the difference..

by Brian on PandaPow
Super Awesome!

PandaPow is the greatest VPN service ever. Support team is awesome, and connection speeds are good. Easy to use and setup on my computer. It even works flawlessly on my all my I-devices. Thanks PandaPow for plowing through the firewalls for me. You da Best

by Raymond on PandaPow
Works Everywhere I Went

I just spent two weeks traveling throughout Asia and PandaPow worked in every city without a hitch. My wife's other VPN on her IPad had a few problems in a few locations, but not me with my netbook and PandaPow. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED! Look no further - this is what you need.

by rootsinblood on PandaPow
so nice!

thank for your nice service ! it's so easy to use!

by on PandaPow
PandaPow is the BEST among the best!!!

Very fast reply.... they very supportive in your queries, and of course, PandaPow iss a very fast and reliable VPN.... defnitely the best among the best!

by naser.tarhuni on PandaPow

It worked fine with me. Just a single click and you are connected. Nice and recommended.

by aarif.kadri on PandaPow

PandaPow works very well. I will buy pandapow.

by lw.yuan007 on PandaPow

PandaPow is good. She helped me solve the problem of my phone.

by j.alejandre.sanchez on PandaPow

So easy to install and use, fast and secure. Works great.

by ahmedashik on PandaPow
great app

work perfectly.

by suzanne.acc2 on PandaPow
nice one

Very useful for this

by focsaneanu on PandaPow
Great Software

A well run and great support website. Works like a charm

by dreamzareforreal1 on PandaPow
It works

Panda pow really works.The speed is very good.I will buy vpn from pandapow.For reliable vpn buy pandpow.

by firashazeem on PandaPow
kawala man

PandaPow is the perfect solution for everyone who is looking for online freedom

by knsbhaskarrao on PandaPow
Thanks a lot pandapow

It's really wonderful, i'm so happy. It's really non stop support.

by umairumer on PandaPow
Excellent VPN Company

Really impressed by the prompt service and high speed. Its fast and reliable; better than all others.

by Glenn on PandaPow

I have contacted PandaPow support on several occasions and at different times of the day or night and their response time is impeccable

by thragonx on PandaPow
Good VPN

Nice program for unblocking YouTube and Facebook.

by Christian on PandaPow
Customer Service Rocks!

I just purchased two services from PandaPow, and ran into problems with PayPal. PandaPow's customer service was amazingly fast at helping me work through the issues, sending many emails quickly with numerous suggestions, workarounds, and help beyond what I expected. This bodes really well for a VPN company. Thanks!

by maryam2588 on PandaPow

I use it on Android. It's the best; very fast and reliable.

by scholas3 on PandaPow
Awesome VPN

Nice app. now i can browse facebook and youtube with no restriction.

by rennes.wu on PandaPow
Amazing vpn

The quickest, most stable VPN service I have ever had.

by kassim.yassin on PandaPow
It's great

I use it on Android. It's the best; very fast and reliable.

by midoking on PandaPow
Tremendous app

Very good app! Nothing stands against it. Finally i can access Android market freely

by JUNCHEN on PandaPow
What amazing good stuff!!!

Incredible!You'll regret so much if u do not choose PandaPow!

by Fabio on PandaPow

The VPN service is fast and really amazed me, and their support is even better. They reply to your questions and comments incredibly fast and really make sure you have everything sorted out.

by Errol Smith on PandaPow

I have been looking for a service that lets me hide my IP and disguise my identity online. I never thought it could be this simple. With PandaPow it's literally just one click away. Amazing!

by M. Kelley on PandaPow
Can highly recommend!

I travel back and forth to Asia so I need a reliable vpn that let's me access websites just like home. I've tried several vpn services before PandaPow, but as I'm not computer savvy I found them difficult to setup. With PandaPow I simply downloaded the software and could start surfing in a couple of minutes. Can highly recommend.

Thanks, we appreciate it! - Team PandaPow

by Laura on PandaPow
Can't be without my PandaPow

In my work as a buyer I spend months every year, traveling in countries where Internet just isn't the same. With PandaPow I am always able to access all websites I need, as freely as if I were back home. Thank you PandaPow. Your support is also fantastic, on the rare occasions I've needed it.