Troubleshooting Guide


When you find yourself in times of trouble, the following FAQ might help you. If you don’t find the answer here, try one of the specific FAQ pages listed at the end.


Please Read First!

Following are general guidelines that should help you solve problems you may bump into.

1. Please make sure you’ve updated recently. If you have been using PandaPow a while, chances are you are using an old version of the PandaPow application, and the problem you’ve encountered has already been solved.

2. Please check announcements. Login to the client-area and see if there are any announcements, in the right column, that might explain the problem. If so there should also be info and workarounds available.


I get PP ERROR 222. What is wrong?

This may happen after updating PandaPow to a newer version. To fix PP ERROR 222 please follow the instructions here:

How to remove PandaPow Settings


PandaPow doesn’t connect. What could be wrong?

Problems connecting may be due to a number of reasons. Some things that causes connection problems are:

1. Failed authentication. Make sure you have entered the correct (case sensitive) username and password

2. Your internet connection is not working properly. Open a browser and try to visit some common us-based websites.

3. Your internet is partially blocked. You then may need to switch to TCP, as described here.

3. On Windows, you may need to reinstall the TAP adapter, as described here

4. On Mac you may need to select the ‘New’ servers. See here for an example.

5. If you are using our iOS app and can’t connect, make sure your device is updated to iOS 9 or later. (iOS 10 or later is recommended).

Also try connecting a few more times, and if it still does not work, try enabling Airplane mode and then disabling it, and possibly restart your device, and then try to connect again. You can also try using the “Bump” feature.

6. If you are using our iOS config you may need to Reset the Network Settings(Not necessary if you are using our iOS app).


If you’re unsure, you can always send us the log file and we’ll get back to you with the appropriate solution.


PandaPow connects but I can’t access the site I want. What could be wrong?

If you’re able to connect PandaPow, but there are problems when trying to access some website, it may be one of a few reasons.

On Windows there are some cases when TCP doesn’t seem to work at all, in which case the solution is to only use UDP. See here for details how to use UDP only

On Windows the problem is sometimes caused by corrupt network devices which often is helped by resetting winsock. It may also help to install an old version of the TAP adapter

An issue on either Mac or Windows is the hosts file. To solve it, you need to edit the hosts file on your computer.

On Mac, it’s sometimes a temporary issue caused by DNS-poisoning. For more details read here

If your internet connection is IPv6 capable, you may need to disable IPv6.

If you don’t manage to solve the problem, we’d appreciate if you could send some more info as described here:



and we’ll get back to you with an appropriate solution.


PandaPow connects but the speed is slow

Speed problems may have several reasons, congestion, network failures, wifi problems, traffic shaping, …. If you find the speed to be a lot less than normal, please don’t hesitate to let us know.

The first thing to do is usually to determine to what extent the problem exists, for example if speed is OK when browsing local sites, without VPN. You may also run some online speed test tools, such as

If you notice overall poor speed, you should probably contact your ISP. You may also try  rebooting your internet connection.

Note also that speed often depends on distance to the target. So even if speed tests show that your local Internet speed is good, there may be congestion or other restrictions on speed from other countries or networks.

If your Internet speed via the VPN is much slower than without the VPN, the first thing to try is to switch to another PandaPow server. To help select the best server for your particular location, we recommend using our speed testCaveat: this speed test does not work in Internet Explorer at the moment.

Another thing that can affect speed is what connection mode is being used; UDP or TCP. If you notice that one is much slower, you can try  restricting the allowed protocol to UDP or TCP only.


Platform Specific Guides

If you need further trouble-shooting, please click appropriate link below for more info.

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