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Lilyhammer is actually a Norwegian-American television series about Frank Tagliano, the fictional former New York-based gangster. It’s a series starring Steven Van Zandt and had its first season premiered on Norwegian NRK1 on 25 January 2012 recording a huge audience as much as 1/5th population of Norway (998,000 viewers). On 6 February 2012, it was premiered on Netflix in North America with all its eight episodes available in full for streaming on the service. Lilyhammer was promoted as "the first time Netflix offered exclusive content". This television series has won 6 different awards in including the Monte-Carlo TV Festival’s Best European Comedy TV Series in 2015. 


The series produced three seasons, with the final episode airing 17 December 2014. Among many of its cast are Steven Van Zandt, Steniar Sagen, Marian Saastd, Tommy Karisen, Fridtjoy Saheim, Robert Skjærstad and many more.


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Lilyhammer Plot

Lilyhammer is a story line that follows the life of a former New York mobster, Frank Tagliano (Steven Van Zandt), who after testifying in a trial in the United States against a Mafia boss, joins the witness protection program, Tagliano relocated to Lillehammer in Norway through the FBI’s witness protection program where it was believed no one could find him. He chose to start a new life in Norway after seeing television images of the Winter Olympics in 1994. However, transiting from being a respected and feared gangster in New York to an unemployed immigrant in Norway is tough for Tagliano. The tougher aspect for him was when he discovered that he may not be able to succeed in his new rural Norwegian society unless he returns to his old, ruthless ways. Can Frank Tagliano actually be able to stay on the straight and narrow way in his new life he has just chosen? You may have to find out by watching the TV show – With PandaPow VPN you can easily stream this series on Netflix, without buffer and throttling.


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